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2017-02-04 10:43
Silent signs of heart problems .
Silent signs of heart problems  .

According to a report published by the site "tapoos" silent signs indicate the presence of heart problems, and heart disease affects all age groups and is more common in people over the age of forty, and this is the result of a lot of people follow unhealthy habits.

There are silent signs that may indicate a problem with your heart and include the following:

*.tiredness during physical activity:
If you feel very tired after the minutes of physical activity such as walking or running or cleaning, in this case you should consult a specialist doctor and check the integrity of your heart.

*. erectile dysfunction:
If your heart is weak it will not be able to pump enough blood to the genitals, which cause the problem of erectile dysfunction.

*. High blood pressure:
If you suffer from high blood pressure for a long time there is a Prospect of the existence of a problem in the heart, because the heart pumps a lot of blood every second.

*.the parties swelling:
If you notice swelling of the hands and feet, this indicates that your heart is in trouble, do not be able to pump enough blood reaches the maximum, and the weakness of the veins causing swelling of hands and feet.


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