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2017-02-03 09:46
Foods help you sleep soundly
Foods help you sleep soundly

More than 33% of people suffered from insomnia for it provides the doctor Sami Margo are some foods that are recommended taking it, which helps to get a better night's sleep hours and monitored by site The Independent.

* banana

Studies confirm that the banana is one of the most important foods that give energy to the body as it is rich in magnesium, which helps to relax the muscles it also contains serotonin and melatonin and these articles are encouraged to sleep.

* Almonds

Almond filling health fat as it is full of Baltrepettovan and magnesium, both of which help to relax the muscles and nerves.

* honey

Dr. Sami Margo advised to have spoon of honey before sleeping in honey helps stimulate the release of melatonin in the brain and reduce production Alaoriksen which helps to get the best hours of sleep.

* Oatmeal

As well as the fact that oats is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it enhances access to get hours sleep better as it goes melatonin, and oats promotes insulin naturally produce and control the sugar levels in the blood.


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